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Early Fruit Hemp Tea Wholesale

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Carry our Hemp Tea in your store!

Our hand-crafted, whole flower hemp tea offers all the relaxing benefits of hemp in a variety of smooth, earthy blends. Each with their own unique flavors, aromas and benefits.

Each bag contains 12 servings of our hemp tea in bags with approx. 135mg CBG per serving.
Only natural, organically grown ingredients.

Your customers can choose from 3 unique blends;

Original Hemp Tea Blend

Organically grown hemp flower and sugar leaf.

  • Stress/Anxiety
  • Relaxation
  • Sleep
Early Fruit Hemp Tea

Cinnamon hemp tea blend

Organically grown hemp flower and cinnamon

  • Immune System
  • Gut Health
  • Sleep
Cinnamon Hemp Tea

Lion’s mane hemp tea blenD

Organically grown hemp flower and lion’s mane mushroom.

(limited stalk – call to order)

  • Memory
  • Mental Health
  • Depression
Lion's Mane Mushroom Hemp Tea

Besides the anti-inflammatory and calming effects of CBG, hemp flower and sugar leaves are full of nutrients and trace minerals, essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants and more you won’t find in most CBD tinctures or edibles.

1 bag will make an 8-12oz cup of relaxing, hot hemp tea. Steep for 20+ minutes for best results. Or, cold brew over night in the fridge for a refreshing twist!

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